What's Your Story?

Over the years we talked with  many companies attending our events and being well prepared and ready to answer questions from potential investors. We had always very active exchanges between investors and our participating startups and know that there is a number that found funds and investors and that there was a larger number that did not. 

That was or is of course disappointing for the later at first, but you still learn from the feedback you gather and thus have the chance to figure out where to possibly change things or pivot altogether.

That investors have to turn down more companies than actually invest in is not so surprising since the actual number of investments realized by Venture Capital Funds is in the per mille-range of all proposals they see. Maybe a little more in the US with higher initial investments, but the general rule applies worldwide. That has simply to do with the mathematics behind it and the fact that one or two really successful investments in a fund have to "pay the rent" also for the ones that do not succeed. So, as frustrating it is to receive a negative reply, it should never be taken personally!

We recently decided to take a look at all our participants since 2012 to find out who is still existing and growing. And, we were positively surprised to find out that from approx. 250 companies 215 are alive and running! I'd call that an impressive margin! 

Now, we are of course curious how they did it and would like to hear the stories to encourage others to follow the successful path!

So if you have attended our EVMs since 2012 and are still up and running, please tell us your story! And if for whatever reasons you had to give up, we also encourage you to tell us what happened!

Because we can all learn from success and failure, and only the ones who never tried did not fail or succeed! 

So, if you have a story to tell, send it to us at

[email protected] 

and we will share the major findings anonymously!

And if you are interested who presented at our EVMs in 2017 and what we discussed, please find it right here:


Thank you very much for sharing and we do hope that you all do well and we'll see you at one of our upcoming EVMs!

Kindest regards,

Your EVM Team