Vienna Moonshot Project

72 life-changing hours

Our friends from Innovation4x are starting an ambitious and remarkable project in November accompanying the Congress of World Market Leaders: Start up Moonshot

The Congress of World Market Leaders in Austria shows how it is possible to occupy niches and thus position yourself and have a good chance of becoming a Leader in your Market. I once went to a similar congress in Germany and was impressed by the SMEs who really dominated their respective markets! One of the statements I heard then stuck with me: "Our goal is to always generate a profit higher than our hardest competitor's sales" - Now that is powerful! Imagine yourself in the same position!

The goal of the Start up Moonshot is to create a new World Market Leader within 72 hours with the help of Makers, Lawyers, Consultants and Investors who will put in 5.000 hours of their services to start the company and make a difference in the world!

Now here is the wording our friends from Innovation4X use to encourage you to apply and become the next World Market Leader!

Do you also believe that real potential talent is going undiscovered and under-utilized? Do you  have an idea, a project, an innovation you are passionate about? Something that could create an impact and improve the lives of people and society or would benefit the environment? Something that would completely change your life too, if you only had that one chance to make it public? 


Imagine you would get everything you need to rocket your idea?

You may have already thought about founding a startup with your idea, but you lack financial resources and/or the necessary knowledge for getting started.

Imagine you not only get the financial support, but also an awesome backup-crew -- lawyers, company consultants, professional designers, a media agency and all the service providers you need and they would be working on your idea for free for 5000 hours?

Why would we offer that? What do we want to prove? It's time to innovate and create amazing things. And we believe that the process of founding a company behind a viable innovation can be a whole lot faster. We think we can achieve transforming that innovative idea into a future world market leader in only 72 hours!

That's how it works :

Send in your concept, your idea for a better world! 

The congress of world market leaders takes place in Vienna on 27th -30th of November 2017. Until then, all the concepts sent in are viewed and evaluated by an outstanding jury. 

Please learn more about this exciting pitch: