Urban-Future Vienna February 28th - March 2nd, 2018

The EVM is a proud Partner of the Urban-Future!

The URBAN-FUTURE global conference is the World’s largest meeting point of CityChangers: committed people that actually drive change to make cities more sustainable. Here you can get an impression of the


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Why are we Partners?

We started to cooperate with the Urban-Future and discuss options to present Startups which are targeting the topics of the Urban-Future at the next Urban-Future and host an EVM at the Conference.

Why do we want to do this?

During the last years we have seen many Startups working on great solutions to help make the world a better place and we certainly think that many more people should have the chance to get a first hand impression of how young and innovative companies can make a difference! And so that you can get an idea what kind of companies we are talking about let us briefly introduce you to two companies that have presented at our EVM and succeeded with perseverance and persuasion:

Graphmasters - www.graphmasters.net

Their two major fields are

1. Collaborative Routing with their Navigation App NUNAV:

NUNAV is the only navigation app which optimizes your trip every 15 seconds, offering a perfect estimated time of arrival ETA.

Our NUNAV app is based on swarm intelligence providing every user with an optimal trip based on traffic data, travelling speed, actual and future road capacities and time of arrival. NUNAV provides intelligent traffic flow to people on the road using Graphmasters collaborative routing technology.

Using NUNAV, your trip is ideally allocated to a free road. Simply drive around traffic jams created by egoistic driving habits and get to know more routes to your final destination.

2. NUNAV Courier

NUNAV Courier integrates Graphmasters award winning NUNAV technology in a vehicle routing problem solver for multi-stop destinations, used by courier, express and parcel logistics companies. Our dynamic routing optimizer optimizes delivery in the logistics sector and provides a dynamic tour allocation in an industry that is confronted with the traveling salesmen problem. 

NUNAV Courier is fast, easy to use, reliable and based on our proprietary swarm intelligence technology. Take a closer look at how Hermes Logistics Group puts NUNAV Courier into action and weekly saves CO2 equivalent to a trip to the moon.

Use NUNAV Courier in your daily delivery.

Ilocator - www.ilocator.com


By applying intelligent proprietary IoT enabled devices, together with a collaboration platform, we provide Smart Cities with a Software-as-a-Service solution to identify, manage and service assets.

Collaboration Platform
We make people collaborate and significantly increase their efficiency when maintaining physical infrastructure assets.
We decentralize processes by creating transparency and providing relevant information to collaborators.
Ease of Use
Guides make it simple and easy to get started and expand according to your needs resulting in effective management of infrastructure maintenance.   

Got the idea?

And we want you to be the rising start at the next Urban-Future and invite you already today to get in touch with us

EVM Assessment 2018

and let us know where you stand. There are also ways to support you and make sure you are crystal clear about your business and your innovation! 

So, if you want to, check the Urban-Future out in Vienna and stay tuned for our information regarding the development and your possible participation next time in Oslo!