Boost Camp in Vienna with 10 enthusiastic startups!

Our friends Stefan Fazekas and Chris Leeb are organizing their Boost Camp in Vienna in the wonderful facilities of the MU Module University overlooking Vienna from the "Kahlenberg".

1. Day of the Boost Camp

We started with a first pitch-round of all teams introducing their business ideas and then gathered to hear some instructions from Michael Dell about  Customer Value Creation for the first workshop module. The teams worked on establishing their USP, tried to describe the technological benefits, operational benefits, their market approach, the way they reach visibility and much more. They had 45 minutes to prepare for the 2nd pitch.

And it worked: they all stayed within the 3 minutes and all improved already a bit. So carry on, we have 2 more days to march out with roadmaps for brand new businesses! I keep you posted!

2. Day in Vienna at the Boost Camp

Started out with instructions about the Minimal Viable Product and possible ways to create revenue streams - the organizers provided 52 different options and the teams are now figuring out how to apply the best ones for them! Interesting discussions with different teams - the ideas are getting more and more concrete, some already changed a bit, clarity in increasing - highly energetic atmosphere and real fun!

Some students had written their Bachelor thesis about the problems they now offer to solve and you can tell that there has been a lot of research done to come to conclusions about market opportunities! It is also a lot of fun to ask a lot of questions and challenge ideas and business models to provoke thinking and more creative solutions! 

Now they have to pitch their stories again!

3. Day - The Final!

We relaxed at a "Heurigen" in Grinzing last night and now are ready for the final day of the Boost-Camp.

Issues: Innovation, Pirate Thinking, Company Values and Product Values. Michael Dell gave the teams a very entertaining and deep introduction about innovation methods and encouraged the teams to think "wild", think of the unimaginable and make it work! All teams went right to work to think about their design, their products, their marketing and business models and actually were asked to disrupt their own models before they even started :-) A very interesting exercise and obviously - as we could experience aftrewards very effectice!

After lunch: last pitches and praise to the teams: they all gained clarity, were a lot more confident and are now ready to hit the road, because as promised: they all completed their roadmap and can get to work!

I wish them all best of luck - and of course we are ready to assist if wanted, just gives us a call +49-30-440386-0


If interested in participating in a Boost Camp, check it out here !