5 Pitch Hacking Tips from our Friend Florian Kandler

Our friend Florian Kandler was kind enough to share his experience as a successful fundraiser and disclose some of his favorite pitch-hacking tips in a webinar last Monday! After the webinar we got quite a few requests – so we managed to make the recording of the webinar available to you:


Attention: This recording expires end of this week 


was also so kind to offer a limited number of his 1:1 coaching hours to friends of EVM:

Exclusive to friends of EVM who got invited to Florian’s webinar
URL to cash in on the Bonus: www.startupmilestones.eu/coaching

* Like Florian said in the webinar, this bonus is only for those who really WANT to learn and make improvements to their pitch, and watch the webinar – that is why only folks who watch the webinar will know the Promo Code and can get the bonus.

Webinar summary of the 5 strategies to increase the power of your pitch immediately:

i) Reduce the content: less is more!
How you make your pitch more interesting and create curiosity which you can use to get meetings with investors after your pitch. And how to find the right balance of saying enough, but not too much. I gave you two concrete examples how you can phrase this in your pitch.

ii) Show strength and self-confidence: the mindset you need to have!
Why every word counts – and what words you should avoid. And I gave some examples of words and 4 phrases you can use to show strength and self-confidence to the audience.

iii) The Opening: get attention!
How you can get instant attention from the audience. And why attention is so important. I gave you 3 examples of how you can create attention at the opening. And 1 bonus-method to create attention, especially if you are in a tough market, or if the audience is very doubtful of your business.

iv) Status: gain authority and trust!
How you can create authority and trust with your pitch, even if no one in the audience has ever heard of you before. I “introduced” you to John Doe – and I gave you 1 strategy, how you can have the host of the show boost your authority. And I gave you 5 examples of what you can say to increase your authority, and thus trust.

v) Closing: get the results you want!
How you become clear about YOUR goals of the presentation, and how you make sure the audience does what you want them to do. I mentioned the main goal you should have in a presentation, and gave you 3 examples of phrases you can use to get the audience to do what you want them to do.

We are really happy that Florian offered to do this webinar for the EVM community. You can find Florian on LinkedIn and Facebook. And you can find his startup-supporting activities on the web and Facebook.

We hope this serves you and we are looking forward to seeing you soon on one of our events!

Here the next one: EVM in Stuttgart at EY on May 18th

Kind regards,

Your EVM-Team