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Currently we are rethinking our strategy for the EVM to offer investors, startups and service providers an even better experience.
We checked our statistics and found that from 2012-2017 from 250 EVM-participants 215 are still active! Now, if you can call them all startups (see our latest Blog-Post) with a scalable business model we don't know, but they are engaged entrepreneurs "hanging in there"! 

To give you a taste of our events we prepared a Summary of the EVM in 2017 for you:

EVM 2017

And since we skip Berlin in 2018, we will be back on our Home-Turf again with a new concept soon - stay tuned, we'll keep you posted!

The European Venture Market is a networking conference for investors, corporates, service providers and start-ups in an  early/expansion stage from different areas of industry. Held in several cities around Germany, the participants meet, network, discuss and further develop business ideas and projects.
During the event the participating entrepreneurs will be able to pitch their business projects for around 5 minutes to a crowd of investors, incubators & accelerators, corporates and service providers. The program also includes keynote speeches, specific industry presentations, occasions for one-to-one meetings, coffee and lunch breaks. We gladly offer you extensive support service before, during and after the event.

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Let us introduce the EVM to You!

What is the EVM?

The EVM is our Trademark and our Flagship-Event: For over 10 years we have been organizing our Start-Up-Networking-Conference and ended 2017 with our 29th EVM! That means that we have had hundreds of startups presenting their companies to investors. One day prior to the actual pitch-event we offer a coaching day where we prepare companies for their pitch to make sure that they stay within the time-frame of 5 minutes and also make sure that they include all the information essential for investors. The coaching day is a very interactive day where our partners and service-providers participate and where all participating start-ups have the chance to receive respectful and constructive feedback. Our team assists all participants before during and after the event to ensure that you meet the people you want to get to know! 


Who participates?

In general the EVM offers up to 15 start-ups the chance to present their technology and business-concept and it offers investors to meet these highly motivated and prepared companies during just one day and network extensively! To round things up and offer assistance in legal matters or tax- and structure-questions we welcome service-providers from these specific areas with hands-on advice. And last but not least we make sure we offer some "Food for Thought" with keynotes and moderated panels covering actual issues regarding the start-up-scene!

Past EVM-Events

29. EVM 2017
28th - 29th of November
Hannover, Germany
28. EVM 2017
26th - 27th of October 2017
Frankfurt, Germany
27. EVM 2017
18th - 19th of May 2017
Stuttgart, Germany
26. EVM 2016
22nd - 23rd of November 2016 • Stuttgart,Germany
25. EVM 2016
24th - 25th of October 2016 • Cologne, Germany
24. EVM 2016
14th - 15th of June 2016 • Berlin, Germany
23. EVM 2015
18th - 19th of November 2015 • Cologne, Germany
22. EVM 2015
6th - 7th of May 2015 • Berlin, Germany
21. EVM 2015
16th - 17th of March 2015 • Darmstadt/Frankfurt, Germany
20. EVM 2014
3rd - 4th of December 2014 • Hamburg, Germany
19. EVM 2014
6th - 7th of May 2014 • Berlin, Germany


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These pictures show exactly what the EVM is all about:

People meet and get to know each other fast and start to discuss their ideas quickly and in a cordial atmosphere. 


Since our nametags indicate with different colors whether you are an investor, a startup or a service-provider you know exactly who you should talk to!

"...nochmals Dank für die tolle Organisation des EVM. Waren zwei tolle Tage und unter dem Strich das beste Format das ich kenne. Kein Schnick und Schnack aber dafür seriöses Netzwerken in angenehmer Atmosphäre. Toll auch die gebundenen Unterlagen aller Teilnehmer. Pflichttermin für Investoren und Gründer!"

Karlheinz Gerster
CEO, Walkerchair

"Mir hat das Event wirklich sehr gut gefallen, und ich konnte viele interessante Gespräche führen. Zu dem Rahmen und der Organisation darf ich Ihnen also herzlich gratulieren!"

Kaan Turgay; P&G
P&G GBS -Senior Digital Marketing Manager DACH

"Das Event hat mir – wie immer – sehr gut gefallen. Vielen Dank für die perfekte Organisation"

Titus Walek
Partner, Heymann&Partner

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