GVI - Gold Ventures Incubator - Our Partners from Tel Aviv

EVM 's strategic partner GVI (Gold Venture Incubator) is the home for dozens of creative and revolutionary Israeli and global Startups, in diversified fields (FinTech, Medical Devices , Health Care , Security, Cyber, Agriculture, Entertainment etc).

GVI has its unique program for startups at various stages of development, with the opportunity of  and investment.

GVI helps Business Angels, Venture Capital Funds , Family Offices and Enterprises to evaluate selected Startup-Companies which went through GVIs extensive questionnaire and have been interviewed and analyzed by high quality experts and consultants in order to reduce the risk for Investors and enable them to make an educated and better decision in their fund raising process .  

Another strategic business activity of GVI with its strategic partner "Poiesys" in the lead is to organize and establish an "Innovation –Center" that can produce an endless stream of successful products, services and /or business-models which add value to their customers and increase their sustainability.

In order to maintain its position as a leading Incubator, GVI collaborates with various global Partners and Investors  in Israel, Europe, USA and Asia to help Startup-Companies in their fund raising efforts and expanding their business activity to foreign markets.

GVI will be at our European Venture Market in Berlin on September 27th, 2018 and is looking forward to meeting you!


We encourage you to give the GVI-Questionnaire a try! Just send us a quick email and we send it to you! Once filled out please send it back to the same mail:

[email protected]

and we will make sure to put you immediately in touch!

See you in September in Berlin - if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call 


Sunny and kind regards from Berlin

Your EVM Team